Strengthening Global Halal Integrity: SFDA and JAKIM’s Landmark Agreement

In a significant move to enhance the integrity of the Halal certification process, the Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) and the Malaysian Department of Islamic Development (JAKIM) entered into a groundbreaking memorandum of cooperation. This agreement marks a pivotal step in the mutual recognition of Halal certificates for locally produced goods, fostering a stronger bond between Saudi Arabia and Malaysia in the Halal sector.

Under the terms of the memorandum, SFDA’s Saudi Halal Center and JAKIM will acknowledge each other’s Halal certificates for local products traded between the two nations. This mutual recognition is expected to streamline the import and export processes, thereby facilitating smoother trade flows of Halal-certified goods.

The memorandum extends beyond mere certificate recognition; it lays the groundwork for collaborative efforts in aligning assessment procedures, standards, and technical regulations essential for the issuance of Halal certificates. Moreover, it paves the way for an exchange of expertise, fostering advancements in training, research, and laboratory analysis of Halal products.

This collaboration is a bilateral achievement and a strategic initiative that resonates with the global Halal industry’s need for reorganization. It aims to establish a robust foundation for Halal product control, ensuring that Halal’s principles are upheld to the highest standards across international borders.

The SFDA and JAKIM’s partnership is a testament to the growing importance of the Halal industry on the world stage. It underscores the commitment of both authorities to uphold the sanctity of Halal, ensuring that consumers worldwide can trust the products they use daily. As the global Halal market continues to expand, such cooperative endeavors will be instrumental in shaping a unified and reliable Halal ecosystem for all.

Source: SFDA



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