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New Halal Ruling By Saudi Arabia and Qatar

Many years back, Halal in the middle east, in general, was only concerned with meat products and the process of slaughtering. Saudi Arabia and Qatar, for example, are two important market access for European, North American, Brazil and Australia consumable...

/ 9 September 2021

The Future of Halal Industry Conformity

These are the various challenges in the food industry that makeup – The Future of Halal Industry Conformity   1. Limitation of existing Legislation? The reason why Lab analysis/verification important The requirement of a recognised Halal certificate for the High-Risk...

/ 27 February 2019

Halal Import – Key Countries Regulatory

The manufacturer should be mindful of the term on their packaging such as ‘ the product does not contain pork and alcohol’, because in some country such as Malaysia and Brunei it has engaged the requirement of Halal certification for...

/ 25 February 2019