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Halal & Technical Know-How: For Greater Good

For Greater Good

The technical know-how agenda in Halal encompasses a broad spectrum of areas. It begins with manufacturing ingredient compliance, where careful selection of raw materials and strict adherence to Halal standards are paramount. This includes verifying the source and origin of all ingredients or raw materials, ensuring the manufacturing or production process from procurement to storage adheres to Halal standards, and obtaining Halal certification for both the ingredients and the finished products, be it food, beverage, personal care, cosmetics, drugs or detergent. In parallel, laboratory services employ advanced technologies like real-time PCR assays for DNA extraction and detection and cutting-edge instruments for food authentication, which play a crucial role in maintaining the halal integrity of products. Logistics, on the other hand, ensures products comply with Islamic law throughout the supply chain, from production to delivery. It includes dedicated operations to prevent contamination of halal items by forbidden elements. The global halal logistics market, valued at USD 286.96 billion in 2019, is growing due to increasing demand for halal products and globalization of the halal supply chain.

On the research front, the development and acceptance of Halal vaccines are of significant interest. While vaccines are acceptable in Islam, concerns about their Halal status can inhibit approval, and ongoing research aims to address these concerns and increase acceptance among Muslim populations. To support these notions, the education of Halal experts is vital to the industry. Training programs and distance learning courses are available, covering various aspects of the Halal industry, including Halal standards, certification processes, and the latest trends and innovations. This comprehensive approach ensures the integrity and acceptance of Halal products and services worldwide.

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