What is HiQ initiatives?

HALAL Industry Quest (HIQ): An Initiative To Empower the Halal Industry Through Insights and Research

About HiQ

HiQ is a Malaysian-based initiative launched in 2015 by several Halal professionals. This pro-bono project empowers Halal organizations and individuals by offering valuable insights, thus fostering the development of Halal talents and contributing to impactful Halal studies and research.

Focus on Accurate Halal Information and Talent Development

While Halal content is without difficulty available online, HiQ seeks to distinguish itself and ensure the information it provides aligns with its understanding of contemporary Halal interpretations. This approach can be particularly beneficial for companies and researchers who are navigating the complexities of Halal compliance and looking for honest views.  

Leveraging Halal Research for Industry Advancement

HiQ’s dedication extends beyond nurturing information. They actively contribute to improving industry know-how via disseminating impactful Halal studies and thought-provoking content. Their research efforts also aim to shed light on essential technical trends, challenges, and possibilities that, in the long run, will help shape the future of Halal.




HiQ is calling for papers about the Halal Industry.

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