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What are the right questions for your food manufacturer?

When we talk about raw materials and ingredients, there are multiple ways to process and develop. If you are a buyer, you must know what you buy. This way your customer is protected, especially Halal is critical on cross-contamination as...

/ 03/03/2021

Halal investing gives Muslims opportunity to make money in line with religious values

These Vancouver guys created zesty ideas on Halal investment, credit cards etc. No bank, no problem. You can reach their services at TORONTO — Ahmed Najar only started investing two years ago after discovering a way to do so...

/ 03/03/2021

The Future of Halal Industry Conformity

These are the various challenges in the food industry that makeup – The Future of Halal Industry Conformity.   1. Limitation of existing Legislation? The reason why Lab analysis/verification important The requirement of a recognised Halal certificate for the High-Risk...

/ 27/02/2019

Halal Import – Key Countries Regulatory

The manufacturer should be mindful of the term on their packaging such as ‘ the product does not contain pork and alcohol’, because in some country such as Malaysia and Brunei it has engaged the requirement of Halal certification for...

/ 25/02/2019

The Rise of Halal Carriers

According to International Air Transport Association (IATA), in 2017, it is estimated passengers are spending about USD 532 Bil across the globe with significant passenger growth of 1.8% in the variance of 7.5% in 2017 compared to 5.7% in 2014....

/ 01/12/2017

The 6 Driving Forces of Halal Industry 2.0

Let’s look at the 6 driving forces of the Halal Industry that have significantly shaped the world today. 1. Sizeable and growing Muslim population The Halal industry has witnessed an increased demand. Firstly, the Muslim Population has spread from the...

/ 03/12/2016

Top Halal Research and Innovation Initiatives

The list is a personal compilation and does not sort according to any awards or ratings. No 1 Halal Products Research Institute (HPRI), Universiti Putra Malaysia The establishment of the Halal Products Research Institute serves as a one-stop centre or...

/ 06/06/2016

Halal eDirectory

Halal Directory based on accredited Certification Body (CB) Halal Products Asia Pacific Malaysia New Zealand Australia North America USA Canada Others South Africa Halal Certified Plant and Abattoir To update soon. (Download pdf to have a clearer font)

/ 07/02/2015

A Cause for Halal Food Security

Source : HDC  

/ 01/02/2015