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The Future of Halal Industry Conformity

The various challenges in the food industry make up the Future of Halal Industry Conformity.   1. Limitation of existing Legislation? The reason why Lab analysis/verification is important The requirement of a recognized Halal certificate for the High-Risk ingredient is...

/ 27 February 2019

Between Synthetic Alcohol and Fermented Alcohol, which one is allowed for Halal industry?

Khamr is intoxicating liquor prepared for anything which befogs the mind. All alcoholic drinks, beer, wine, gin, whisky, rum, vodka, tequila, moonshine, etc., are Khamr. The word khamr occurs six times in the Quran: once in the subjective case (5:90),...

/ 29 January 2016

Are all Juices naturally Halal?

Enzyme treatment* An enzyme step not deployed in the desired end product is a cloudy or “natural” “-looking apple juice. Otherwise, after juice extraction, the raw apple juice must be treated with enzymes to remove suspended solid materials. If not...

/ 22 January 2016