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Animal Diseases-Threat to humanity?

Animal-based product or ingredients requires extra control due to animal disease, which is a critical element for Halal. Halal, also means safe for human consumption. Halal management system control also includes the traceability of the origin of the ingredients. Some...

/ 22/07/2019

Why Halal Slaughtering is humane?

Lately, there is no mystery on the mistreatment of animals done by anyone including a Muslim. It is a behaviour that violates the normative rules, understandings, expectations of the religion itself. Islam and Halal is a system, a global faith...

/ 01/12/2016

Can Wagyu Beef and Kobe Beef be certified as Halal?

What is Wagyu beef? “Wagyu” literally means “Japanese cattle.” Wagyu beef comes from the four main breeds of cattle in Japan: Japanese Black, Japanese Brown, Japanese Poll and Japanese Shorthorn, as well as crossbreeds that result from interbreeding among those...

/ 21/01/2016