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Top Halal Research and Innovation Initiatives

The list is a personal compilation and does not sort according to any awards or ratings. No 1 Halal Products Research Institute (HPRI), Universiti Putra Malaysia The establishment of the Halal Products Research Institute serves as a one-stop centre or...

/ 06/06/2016

List of Permissible and Not Halal of Land and Aquatic Animal

(i) Halal – Permissible To Consume (ii) Not Halal – Impermissible to consume This list is based on the School of Shafi’i opinion or equivalent. (i) Halal – Permissible To Consume Addax Albatross Alpaca Anglerfish Antelope Argali Barracuda Birds without...

/ 18/02/2016

Between Synthetic Alcohol and Fermented Alcohol, which one is allowed for Halal industry?

Khamr is intoxicating liquor prepared for anything which befogs the mind. All alcoholic drinks, beer, wine, gin, whisky, rum, vodka, tequila, moonshine, etc., are Khamr. The word khamr occurs six times in the Quran, once in subjective case (5:90), twice...

/ 29/01/2016

Are all Juices naturally Halal?

Enzyme treatment* An enzyme step is not employed if the end product desired is a cloudy or “natural” looking apple juice. Otherwise, after juice extraction, the raw apple juice must be treated with enzymes to remove suspended solid materials. If...

/ 22/01/2016

Can Wagyu Beef and Kobe Beef be certified as Halal?

What is Wagyu beef? “Wagyu” literally means “Japanese cattle.” Wagyu beef comes from the four main breeds of cattle in Japan: Japanese Black, Japanese Brown, Japanese Poll and Japanese Shorthorn, as well as crossbreeds that result from interbreeding among those...

/ 21/01/2016

Halal Education

Post Graduate in Halal Education Malaysia 1. Master of Arts in Halal Industry Management (MAHIM-International Islamic University) Full Time. Opened for International Students. 2. Master of Science in Halal Industry Science (MAHIM-International Islamic University) Full Time. Opened for International Students. 3. PHD in...

/ 15/12/2015

Why Muslim cannot be a vegan? – for the wrong reason

It seems that these day vegan campaigners took their quest more than meal preference and believed everyone should join their camp. But for a Muslim, it is more than just a fancy look to be vegan and as if this...

/ 07/10/2015

The Halal And The Haram In Islam, Fatwa by Dr. Shaykh Yusuf Qaradawi

THE HALAL AND THE HARAM IN ISLAM, FATWA BY DR. SHAYKH YUSUF QARADAWI. Islam Permits What Is Wholesome Allah addressed all human beings saying, O mankind! Eat of what is permissible and good on earth, and do not follow the...

/ 03/03/2015

Is Bread Halal?

In making bread, yeast is required so that the dough can expand. Yeast is usually added after the flour mixed with water and then stirred evenly. After that, the dough left for a few hours. Yeast itself is actually a...

/ 08/02/2015

Halal eDirectory

Halal Directory based on accredited Certification Body (CB) Halal Products Asia Pacific Malaysia New Zealand Australia North America USA Canada Others South Africa Halal Certified Plant and Abattoir To update soon. (Download pdf to have a clearer font)

/ 07/02/2015