In this video, Justin from the Institute of Human Anatomy discusses the various structures ethanol interacts with as it journey’s through the human body after consumption.

To name a few, the most critical part of why it is forbidden to consume alcohol, as explained by Justin, it causes Euphoria, Hangover as a side-effect. See 16:20, 23:20.
Another effect is weight gained, making a bad decision and others that you may find in this video. Literally, for Halal,  any intake that harms the body is Haram or forbidden be it short term or long term.
For alcohol cleansing, the use of clean water is adequate to make glasses or bottle Halal again – as long traces of odour, colour, and taste are no longer traceable. It is because ethanol or alcohol is water-soluble properties.

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  1. asalamualaykum thanks for sharing this i know and i seen more then enough of my share of this destructive substance in my life

    i am a revert i reverted in to Islam 31+ years ago and my ethnicity is mostley European French German Italian with a little Jewish and Leventine ancestry thrown in the mix my family immigrated here to the usa from Germany this is my mom and my dad’s family first immigrated to Russia from Germany and again to usa from Russia after that because of dire circumstances there is a lot of alcohol consumption


    1. Waaleykumsalam. You’re welcome and congratulations.


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